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To run a successful website, having great design and contents play a major role. Secondary, the website needs to be SEO compliant to drive visitors from organic searches. Failure to include these basic stuffs can put your website at a huge loss. In this directory, we will show you the basic things would be looked into so as to ensure that your website get the best SEO.

The first thing after designing your website is to ensure that you add quality content. And not just one content, add lots of contents. Let the content be written in English, well written and coherent. This is because many of the visitors you want would probably understand only English and writing in other language could put them off from coming to your website. If you are up to the task, have up to thirty pages of new content to your website on monthly basis and ensure that you get a way to link them. Depending on what you write about, you can get your website linked to by high PR and .EDU sites. This has the propensity to boost your website at a very fast rate. You also have to be conscious of your keywords, drive your content by specific keywords.

Secondly, do not fall into the traps of search engine optimizers who promise you that they would help you to submit your website to thousands of search engines. There are just about three major engines that are popular on the internet and these are Yahoo, Google, and MSN, although there are other search engines that are popular in some other countries and even with this, the total number of the top search engines all over the world is not up to a hundred. So what would one thousands unpopular websites do for you? You should therefore avoid all these SEOs that promise heaven and earth just to get your money.

The third thing that you need to do is to avoid the black hats tricks. Do not copy other websites to develop your own website. Instead of copying, try using a PR checker tool to appraise your competitor�s websites. Try to analyze their back links and you would discover what is making them to be successful. In most cases, you will find out that their success is as a result of the high quality of their SEO. The act of using the black hat methods to trick the search engine would not work in the long run and as a matter of fact, it can lead to the removal of your website from the search engine index. Discover more about Ptengine at www.ptengine.com .

The fourth thing that is necessary for SEO is to ensure that there is page title in the content of your website. Avoid using your company�s name as your page title. Let the title be focused on your keyword content and ensure that the titles are short. Another thing to do is to make use of Wikipedia. Write Wikipedia articles, especially if you have a big site and if you do not, write more content for your website to get it to that standard. This is because Wikipedia is a search engine on its own and having contents in Wikipedia will go a long way to enhance the SEO of your website.